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May is Better Hearing Month!

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Consider the typical aspects of your daily life. How many of them rely upon your ability to hear? Hearing and understanding language and conversation are central to almost every aspect of daily life. Unfortunately, these skills are often taken for granted until they’re lost. For older Americans, communication disorders are among the most common challenges they may face. Why, then, are these disorders left untreated for years – or never treated at all ?

Hearing loss is one of the most common chronic health conditions, affecting 50 million Americans. It is highly prevalent among adults, often with serious impact on daily life and functioning. The following percentages show hearing loss prevalence in adults over 55:





% with disabling hearing loss




In contrast, over two-thirds of adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss have never used hearing aids . This is despite the fact that hearing loss may affect mental health and vocational success, and can lead to other health issues. Advancements in hearing aid technology have made them more effective and less noticeable than ever. The stakes are far too high for this life-changing resource to remain so staggeringly underutilized.

Hearing loss does not just affect the individual suffering from it. Spouses or adult children are often significantly affected by their family member’s communication difficulties. These loved ones are also the people who are in the best position to influence the decision to seek treatment. If you have a concern about a loved one’s hearing, encourage them to seek an evaluation from an audiologist. If a course of treatment does follow, you’ll play an important role in providing support. This includes accompanying the person to treatment visits, helping provide medical information, and being compassionate and understanding throughout the process.

The ability to communicate is important. Prioritize treatment! Don’t continue to delay. Hearing loss is not something you have to accept as part of aging, it is a medical condition. Help your loved ones. Help yourself . This May, schedule an appointment at Allison Audiology.

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