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Opn by Oticon Hearing Devices in Houston

A whole new world of sound in Houston

It’s a beautiful thing when technologies combine and work together in seamless harmony, especially if the combination allows you to experience a whole new world of sound. That is what makes Oticon’s Opn hearing aid system such a monumental breakthrough in hearing aid technology! At Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, P.C., our Houston audiologists are truly dedicated to improving your quality of life with exceptional hearing options, which is why we are excited to offer the unique Opn line by Oticon. The Opn delivers three levels of BrainHearing™ support, which is a combination of technologies that work together to reduce listening effort and create an optimal environment for the brain to perform.

Old vs new technology

Traditional hearing aid options may be fine for simple listening environments, but they fall flat when sound is coming from many different sources. In these instances, old hearing aid technology focuses on one source at a time, blocking out all other signals including speech coming from multiple sources. This can create a confusing and frustrating environment for the wearer because it creates a narrowed, artificial listening experience.

The groundbreaking Oticon Opn hearing aid technology has the ability to differentiate between speech and noise by precisely analyzing the soundscape dynamics. This rapid, automatic reduction in noise allows you to follow the conversations of multiple speakers at the same time, making your listening experience more natural and open.

Technology fast enough to support the brain

One of the frustrations of traditional hearing aid options is that you often find yourself struggling to understand speech. But the revolutionary Opn hearing aid is supported by the Velox™ platform, which delivers high-powered performance by scanning the environment 100x per second and automatically reduces background noise to optimize the cognitive process. With less distractions, your ability to understand speech will improve up to 30%, so you won’t have to struggle so hard to follow the conversation.

Comfort and power come in small packages

Gone are the bulky hearing aid batteries and unsightly appliances. The Opn miniRITE hearing aid has a discreet design that sits comfortably behind the ear and is powered by a 312 battery. This smart hearing aid style comes in 8 different colors and features a single push button to adjust volume and select programs. Though small in size, Opn’s robust design is strong, comfortable, and ready to keep up with all of your daily activities

Connecting to the world has never been easier

Oticon Opn hearing aids have the ability to connect directly with your iPhone, providing you with a listening experience like no other. You can use your hearing aids like stereo headphones to talk, stream music, control volume, and switch programs, all with a simple tap of your finger. Using a TV adapter, you can pair your hearing aids with almost any audio device using the cables provided. You can also adjust volume and switch programs by using a remote control roughly the size of a key or the Oticon ON App for iPhone. Other convenient aspects of the iPhone app are the “find my hearing aid” search feature, counseling advice, links to user instructions, and the ability to check battery levels. No Android app is available at this time.

To find out more information on Oticon Opn hearing aids in Houston, call Allison Audiology at 713-827-1767 today!

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