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Depending on the nature of your business career, your lifestyle, or your hobbies, you may occasionally put yourself at risk for hearing loss. It is important that you take steps to protect your hearing against any current risks with custom earpieces or plugs. At Allison Audiology, we can provide you with a product that is customized to your needs and fits comfortably, protecting and conserving your hearing effectively.

Our custom ear piece solutions may include the following:

  • Swimmer plugs
  • Musician plugs
  • Shooting plugs
  • Hunting plugs
  • Motorcycle plugs
  • Pilot plugs
  • Military plugs
  • Audio plugs

Ear mold impressions are taken routinely for custom hearing devices, as well as custom fitted hearing protection. Should your device require an impression, we first inspect the ear canal to ensure it is free of debris and the ear drum is healthy and visible. Once the ear canal is clear, an oto-block is placed in the ear canal to ensure the impression material does not go further than necessary. As the impression material is inserted into the canal, a bite block is often used to keep the jaw in the open position. Depending on your desired device, the bite block may be required for the most accurate impression, but in some cases it is not. Once the material has cured, typically after four to five minutes, the impression is removed and the ear canal is inspected once again.

Custom ear pieces or plugs can greatly improve the quality of life for those with hearing loss as well as their loved ones, friends, and associates. Once corrected, patients with hearing loss can more effectively engage in conversations both professionally and socially. This greatly improves the quality of life for the one with hearing loss as well as those closest to them. Call Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center today to speak with a hearing specialist serving Houston.

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