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Patient Video Testimonials

Real Hearing Aid Patients Share Their Hearing Loss Stories

Mrs. Lolita Stricker

Mrs. Lolita Stricker shares her journey in finding the best hearing aids for her needs describes being a patient of Allison Audiology. She has struggled with hearing loss for many years and shares her communication challenges.

Mrs. Natalie Littman

Mrs. Natalie Littman shares her joy in finding her hearing solution and Dr. Jana Austin of Allison Audiology. As she states, “the world is an oyster…,” now that she has found her hearing loss treatment in Houston. Mrs. Littman describes the benefits of better hearing and the positive impact it has made on her life.

Mrs. Janis Jones

Mrs. Janis Jones, a patient of Allison Audiology for over 15 years, describes her experience with the best audiologists and hearing specialists in Houston. She is an experienced hearing aid wearer and shares her history with the various hearing aid options available.

Mr. Jimmy Roppolo

Mr. Jimmy Roppolo shares his experience not only with new hearing aids, but what he considers a true hearing solution after suffering from sudden hearing loss in both ears. The effects of hearing loss were so severe, he shares his feelings of withdrawing from work functions and groups. As he now says, he is able to communicate with his new hearing solution in crowds and feels as though he has new opportunities ahead of him.

Mr. Richard Petranek

Mr. Richard Petranek, a long time hearing aid wearer, shares his experience with the professionals at Allison Audiology of Houston.

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